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Given the complexity of selling, including Home Reports, you need advice from someone you can trust to tell it as it is and not what they think that you want to hear. BSPC firms only use reputable authorised local firms of Chartered Surveyors to carry out Home Reports.

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Home Reports

Introduced in Scotland in 2008, Home Reports were founded on sound principles - notably to end multiple surveys and improve the overall condition of the housing stock. Not only does it collate and provide an abundance of useful information about a property before it goes on the market, thereby making it accessible to potential buyers from day one, the single survey element is just that; a proper survey that also rates the scale of any problem found, as opposed to the old-style system which favoured basic mortgage valuation report.

While the home owners is responsible for answering the property questionnaire, both the survey and energy report are required by law to be undertaken by a qualified surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This dramatically reduces the number of surveys being carried out per sale, while the quality of surveys has also improved - and enables sellers to act on the advice and make good any defects prior to marketing the property.

Home Reports are paid for by the seller and are made available to potential buyers free of charge. However, it pays to know who you are dealing with. Sellers acting on their own initiative may commission a ‘bargain’ Home Report carried out by a company operating just within the law that use surveyors who are not on all the major lending panels, which renders the report unacceptable for lending purposes and merely creates an impasse. Selling your home with a BSPC member firm ensures your Home Report will be provided by a reputable local surveyor.

One Home Report: Three Documents

A Home Report comprises three documents:

Single Survey

The Single Survey is designed to give sellers detailed information about the condition and value of a property; type, accommodation, neighbourhood, age, construction.

Energy Report

This has 2 parts; the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact rating. The Energy Efficiency is a measure of the overall efficiency of a house. The Environmental Impact is a measure of the home's carbon dioxide emissions.

Property Questionnaire

This will include information provided by the current home owner/seller.  It covers details such as length of ownership, council tax banding, parking, alterations, heating, etc.

Home Reports & EPC Energy Ratings on

A Home Report can be accessed by clicking on the Home Report link next to the property photograph, or if a link is not available by contacting the selling Solicitor.

Most adverts will also display an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) energy rating, e.g. "EPC Energy Rating:  D".  The rating is a measure of the overall efficiency of a house; the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the house is – and the lower the fuel bills will be accordingly.

A - most efficient to G - least efficient.

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