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Many BSPC member firms offer a dedicated management service for landlords who pay a monthly management fee and can then forget about it, knowing their investment is in safe hands - choose the stress-free option and use a professional to act on your behalf.

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For Landlords

Present market conditions make it a good time to become a buy-to-let investor, however, the rented sector has become much more complex in recent years and while the recently published Scottish Government’s Private Rented Sector strategy sets out plans to introduce new regulations for the industry, at present a new landlord has to get to grips with current legislation and regulations regarding safety, leases, repairs, tax implications, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, and now the Tenant Information Pack. And that’s in addition to the actual job of presenting the property to the right market to attract a good quality tenant, showing the property, obtaining references, undertaking inventories, collecting rent, dealing with repairs and a great deal more besides.

All the above is routine for a professional, experienced letting agent, who knows every aspect of the business and has systems in place to manage it. But for many buy-to-let investors it can be daunting. Which is why it’s wise to choose the stress-free option and use a professional to act on your behalf. And no one is more professional or better qualified than your local BSPC member firm. For more information on BSPC's property letting services contact a BSPC Solicitor. Contact a BSPC Solicitor »

For Tenants

Rapid expansion of the private rented sector has resulted in a huge upsurge of letting agents, not all of which offer the same standard of service. As a tenant it’s vitally important to know what questions to ask and be aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding tenancy agreements and deposits, as well as what to look for when viewing a property. This is especially important if you are planning to share rented accommodation. You also need to know what happens when things go wrong, how to get repairs carried out and how to end a tenancy correctly.

Renting a property from a BSPC member firm is the safest way of ensuring your deposit is registered with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme and that your home is being well cared for and meets all legal and safety standards.

Rental Management Services

If you are an existing landlord - or hoping to become one - and would like more information on the benefits of using a BSPC member firm to manage your property - which includes being able to advertise properties to let in the BSPC Property Guide and here on the website, contact a BSPC Solicitor firms offering a rental management service :

Borders Country Lets   01573 229887  View details »
Cullen Kilshaw   01896 758311  View details »
Edingtons W.S.    01896 756161  View details »

The rental sector is now a significant player in the Borders and the BSPC Property Guide and website is second to none when it comes to cost effective marketing.   

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Contact a BSPC Solicitor, these are all local people, who live and work in the area and have in-depth knowledge of the local rental market. Contact a BSPC Solicitor »

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